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Level for the Cedar Dam hydroelectric generating station

We received a very special project brief when we were asked to confirm the elevation of a concrete slab located on one of the lower floors of the station in relation to another slab at a higher level. We had to be very resourceful in order to meet our client’s requirements and achieve the desired accuracy.

Water ski course

One of our clients, a water skiing enthusiast, contacted us to help prepare the way for a future slalom course on the Lac des Deux Montagnes. We provided a comprehensive plan, in keeping with the rigorous standards that apply to such courses. As a result, our client was able to put buoys in place using the precise coordinates we had identified and detailed on the plan.

Salaberry-de-Valleyfield courthouse

The new section of the building was meticulously positioned taking into account its particular geometry. This major expansion work necessitated significant expertise in order to coordinate the new floor elevations with existing ones. The subsequent construction required levelling from the prison kitchen to prisoner cells.

Homes built on improper soil conditions

We are also involved in a number of projects in which we are called upon to check the movement of houses built on soil that lacked proper bearing capacity. In those cases, benchmarks are installed all around the foundations of the house, and measurements taken at regular intervals. For each house, a report is produced for each visit to the site. The report details the property’s current situation in relation to its previous location.

Saint-Lazare Sports Complex (CSSL)

Our firm was involved at all stages of construction for the Saint-Lazare arena and indoor soccer field. A topographical plan was drawn up, followed by a layout plan taking into account a protective strip for a local watercourse, as well as a pipeline servitude. Layout work was conducted on-site for the construction of the buildings, and exact locations were also determined for the installation of the rink boards.

Sentiers de l’escapade de Rigaud

In the late 1990s, the development of recreational trails on Mont Rigaud required a great deal of surveying. The area was scouted together with municipal representatives to determine the most suitable areas for trails while minimizing the need to clear trees. We prepared the technical descriptions needed for acquisition of the required trail segments and for staking the trail over approximately 25 kilometres.

Sacré-Cœur hospital heliport

Working together with an aeronautical engineer, we produced a topographical plan defining the helicopter approach at the landing site. The entire project was carried out in compliance with Canadian aviation standards in order to identify flight line obstacles.

Galipeault Bridge

In the context of the Galipeault Bridge reconstruction, a subcontractor tasked us with precisely measuring steel beams in order to meet MTQ specifications. The measurements were taken in a shop setting before the beams’ delivery to the construction site.